Finnish family business processing local grains

Helsinki Mills is Finland's largest processor of organic cereals and gluten free oats. Now in its fourth generation, the 90-year-old Finnish family business is known for its high-quality Helsinki Mills products.

We offer tasty plant-based food solutions to suit different diets, for every moment of the day. In addition to consumers, our customers include restaurants, hotels, bakeries and the food industry. We export oat products to more than 40 countries. In Finland, Helsinki Mills is known as Helsingin Mylly.

Helsinki Mills products are made from carbon-neutral Finnish, locally grown cereals. We are the first carbon neutral mill in Finland. Our production process has been carbon neutral since 2020.

Helsinki Mills’ year 2022 in numbers

  • turnover €57.6 million: consumer products 36%, bakeries and industry 33%, exports 31%
  • staff 98
  • around 60 consumer products, of which 30% are organic and 30% are gluten free

Our activities are guided by


Responsibility, Cooperation, Continuity


We offer healthy and responsible plant-based food solutions for different diets


We feed happiness

Family photo

From the family of owners, Filip Kumlin (left), export salesman, Maret Puhk, chairman of the board, and Niklas Kumlin (right), CEO, work at the company.

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Närpiö tehtaat

A grain of good

We develop, market and sell a range of cereal products to consumers, large-scale producers, bakeries and industry. Locally grown, Finnish cereal is our basic raw material for making flour, flakes, porridge mixes, cereals, granolas and meal ingredients.

It has been clear to us from the very beginning that we can only succeed by creating safe, high-quality products and by valuing both nature and people. Environmental issues and sustainability have been important to us long before they became a trend. Today, sustainability is one of our core values and a strong driving force in our business.

Purely better

We have been producing organic products for over 25 years and are now the largest processor of organic cereals in Finland. About one third of Helsinki Mills’ products are organic.

Being environmentally friendly is an important part of being responsible. From 2020, our milling process has been completely carbon neutral, and all our production facilities use only green electricity.

The thermal energy used by the Vaasa plant is produced in its own biopower plant, which burns oat husk waste. We also take environmental considerations into account in our choice of packaging materials. The amount of landfill waste generated by our mills is very low, as the waste created when cleaning grains is energy waste. Packaging materials are utilized in cardboard recycling or as energy waste.

Finnish cereal grains as raw material

Over the decades, we have milled all the main domestic cereals - wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

In recent years, oats have become increasingly important, and we have specialised in gluten free oat products. Suitable for a variety of diets, Finnish oats are an excellent raw material both in terms of nutrition and healthiness. Read more about the good qualities of oats.

Pure raw materials, the solid professionalism of our millers and use of modern technology guarantee the high-quality of Helsinki Mills products. Our company is also well known outside of Finland: we export our oat products - especially organic oat products - to more than 50 countries.

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Järvenpää tehdas
Vaasan tehtaat
Närpiö tehtaat

Production plants in Järvenpää, Vaasa and Närpiö

In our efficient flour mill located in Järvenpää, we grind flour and produce various flour mixtures and baking ingredients for bakeries, consumers, foodservice professionals and industry use.

We test each batch of imported grains and milled flour in our own laboratory. Quality and customer satisfaction guide everything we do.

Järvenpää mill also has a pilot bakery where our product development team develops and tests new products and recipes.

We produce flakes, bran, groats, grains and gluten free pure oat products in our Vaasa production plant from Finnish, locally grown cereals. Thanks to the growing demand for Finnish oat products, the Vaasa oat mill has already been expanded several times.

The heat needed by the Vaasa flake factory comes from its own bioenergy plant, which burns the oat husks produced in the oat hulling process, which are not fit for human consumption. The biopower plant was commissioned in November 2013. As a result, all Helsinki Mills flakes are produced with 100% renewable energy. This will save around 250,000 litres of fuel oil per year. And because oat husks are a by-product of production, there is no need to transport fuel to the mill separately.

Our muesli and cereal factory is located in Närpiö. It produces Helsinki Mills Finnish muesli and cereals, the main raw material of which is domestic wholemeal cereal grains. Helsinki Mills breakfast and snack range also includes organic products.