A story that began in 1934

In 1934, Eduard Puhk founded Helsinki's first and only mill in Sörnäinen, near the city centre. 90 years later, Niklas Kumlin, the son of Eduard's granddaughter, is at the helm of the family business, which operates in three locations in Finland.

Helsinki Mills is a Finnish family business owned by the Puhk family. Originally from Estonia, the Puhk family established their first mill in Estonia as early as the 1600s. In addition to the mill, the family had a wide variety of business activities in Estonia and the Baltic countries.

-"Today, we operate in three locations and our capacity has multiplied. Yet we know from where in Finland and whose fields our grain comes from. We also know all the hundreds of pairs of hands through which the products end up on the store shelves and on the tables of Finns," says Niklas Kumlin.

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Veljekset Puhk
Helsingin Mylly perustetaan Helsingin Sörnäisiin


Helsinki Mills is established in Sörnäinen, Helsinki

Eduard Puhk - one of the five Puhk brothers - sets up a mill in Helsinki. The inaugural General Meeting of Helsingin Mylly ja Kauppa Oy is held on October 8, 1934.

The factory buildings on the Sörnäinen road are renovated for mill use. The new mill is the first and only large mill in the city, with a daily grinding capacity of tens of thousands of kilos.



In the autumn of 1939, World War II breaks out, and in June 1940 the Soviet Union occupies the whole of the Baltic States.

The Puhk brothers' property in Estonia is confiscated and, with the exception of Eduard, the brothers are sent to prison in the Soviet Union.


The milling process is reformed.


The first Finnish Myllärin product, Myllärin Bun Flour, is launched.


The operation is moved to Järvenpää. A new mill, the most modern in the Nordic countries, is commissioned.


AS Balti Veski, an Estonian subsidiary, is established in Tallinn.
AS Balti Veski will be a part of Helsinki Mills for over twenty years. It is decommissioned in 2015.


Helsinki Mills acquires 96% of the shares in Oy Polar Mills AB. This will expand production to include flake products and organic products. There are now two production units in key locations: a wheat-growing area in Uusimaa and an oat-growing area in Ostrobothnia.

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Järvenpään tehdas
Kaurassa on voimaa
Vaasan tehtaat
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Vaasan tehtaat
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Export of organic oat products begins.


A major overhaul of the Finnish Myllärin brand. The core message is sharpened, the packaging modernised and the product range renewed. Myllärin's message is "Purely better for every day".

A dedicated biopower plant is commissioned in Vaasa. The use of oat husk waste to produce thermal energy begins.


Helsinki Mills acquires Oy Topfood Ab in Närpiö, an investment that offers the opportunity to produce domestic muesli and cereal products and to develop new kind of technology and range.


Expansion of the Vaasa unit: new facilities to start gluten free production are built.


The production of gluten free oat products begins. Myllärin's gluten free oat products are introduced to the market.


Helsinki Mills Overnight Oats wins the ‘Let’s export Finnish Food’ competition.
The Vaasa unit is expanded again.


A consumer brand for export markets, Helsinki Mills - The Nordic Oatventure, is launched.


Oats are also coming to cooking with the launch of Helsinki Mills’ oat-based meal kit range.


Myllärin products are manufactured in Finland's first carbon-neutral mill.


Helsinki Mills is launching a practical sustainable farming programme with its contract farmers, with the aim of increasing yields while reducing the environmental impact of farming.

Helsinki Mills Overnight Oats
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Myllärin uusi logo


Single farm oat 2.0 is grown in Ilmajoki, on the Mäki-Latvala farm, without pesticides, saving the buzzy bugs, soil and nature.


The 90-year-old Helsinki Mills is challenging the status quo and sowing seeds of good. A small flour mill has grown into Finland's largest processor of organic grains and gluten free oat products and has also become successful internationally.

The Finnish Myllärin brand is redesigned. A new logo, new packaging and a new website are all part of the core message of the 90-year-old Helsinki Mills: We feed happiness.