Follow a farmer’s year from spring to autumn

Did you think about the origin of oats when you ate your porridge this morning? A lot of planning and work goes into every porridge dish and oat bun. Visit the farm of the Hölsö family in Ylistaro: follow the growth of oats and the daily life of a farmer.

Did you eat oatmeal for breakfast, add oat bran to your smoothie for fibre or enjoy a soft oat bun? Oats are familiar to us Finns and such an obvious part of our everyday lives that we often do not think about them or their origins.

But behind every oatmeal dish is a lot of planning, effort and careful work. Farmers toil in their fields so that we all have food on our tables.

Today's farmers are required to be meticulous in their planning and to constantly learn and develop. Agriculture is at the forefront of vulnerability when it comes to climate change.  Farming is also affected by trade rules, agricultural subsidies and environmental legislation. Farmers often act as watchdogs when building a sustainable Finnish food system that can withstand the uncertain future.

May we take you to discover the life of a farm in Ylistaro? Published in the 2020 growing season, the series followed the daily life of a pure oat farmer, the work on the farm and the growth of oats during spring, summer and autumn. It also shows how gluten free pure oats are make the journey from the field to the breakfast porridge in our home kitchens.

Our tour guide is farmer Mikko Hölsö and his family. Please join us on the tour!

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