Shake on it! We keep our promises

We know that gluten free oats and organic farming in particular require commitment and expertise from the farmer. That's why we pay our contract farmers a quality premium and a contract bonus for a long-term partnership. And we stick to the agreed prices.

Finnish farmers are the backbone of our food security. The cereal used in Helsinki Mills products is mainly grown in domestic fields in southern and western Finland and Ostrobothnia. We have a long-term partnership with around 100 contract farmers.

In the farming contract, we agree in advance on the desired yield, price, delivery date and quality requirements. These agreements secure the supply of raw materials, especially for our organic and gluten free oat products. Growing these varieties requires commitment and expertise from farmers and places specific demands on the farm and the different stages of the process.

We value our long-term contract farmers and the work they do. Partnership means keeping promises, both ways. We stick to the agreed prices and pay a quality premium and a contract bonus for a long-term contract.

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