Controlled, safe quality

The main raw material for our products is domestic, locally grown cereal. Processing gluten free pure oats and developing gluten free oat products is our core competence. We focus on high quality and safety throughout the production process.

Quality comes from small, daily actions. For both consumers and professionals, we ensure the best possible cereal products through well-designed working practices:

  • Regular prior inspections of the fields
  • Quality samples taken of each transportation
  • Careful pre-cleaning and sorting
  • Air purification
  • Separation of stones, crop ears and weed seeds in the treatment plant
  • Separation of the husk from the kernel, depending on the cereal variety
  • Planning the use of cereals


Helsinki Mills has three laboratories of its own, one of which is reserved for the control of gluten free products. In addition to our own quality control, we are audited regularly by external inspectors and many of our customers.

We have been awarded the International Food Standard (IFS) certificate. The internationally recognised and GFSI-approved food safety standard is proof that our food manufacturing process is safe and our quality control works. We also have Organic, Kosher and Halal certificates.

In the Finnish Food Authority’s Oiva inspection our production facilities have received the highest possible score.

Certified quality

IFS sertifikaatti