Working together

Continuity, cooperation and responsibility are important values in our company. As a fourth-generation family business, it is important for us to think long term and create sustainable good around us.

In total, we employ around 100 people at our production plants in Järvenpää, Närpiö and Vaasa. Skilled and affluent staff are the heart and the lifeblood of our 90-year-old family business. We are fortunate to have professional, dedicated and nice people working with us to make and sell quality grain products to consumers and professionals alike.

We intend to remain a Finnish family business

Now in its fourth generation, Helsinki Mills is led by CEO Niklas Kumlin (right). His grandfather's father founded the company in 1934. From the very beginning, the main objectives have been superior product quality and gaining the trust of customers.

Niklas' mother Maret Puhk (centre) is the chair of the board and responsible for the company's human resources. Niklas's brother Filip Kumlin (left) works at the company's export business. Another brother, Kristian Kumlin, has, in addition to his own work, been instrumental in promoting Helsinki Mills' sustainability matters.

Niklas, who runs the family business, is proud of his company and his employees. With this team, we are well on our way to a future full of opportunities, while always keeping the customer at the centre of our attention.

Niklas' favourite product is Helsinki Mills Paradise Muesli.

Omistajaperhe ulkona
Jessi Kervinen

Jessi Kervinen, Järvenpää

Happy chatter fills the air at the Järvenpää packing plant when Jessi (left) is at work. The packaging line is working on his favourite product Myllärin’s Pizza Flour.

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Pekka Kultti, Vaasa

Most of our high-quality oats come from our contract farmers in the South Ostrobothnia plains. Pekka, who also grows gluten free oats himself, works as a grain procurement manager in Vaasa. His favourite product is partly made from the cereal grown on his own farm Helsinki Mills Gluten Free Big Oat Flakes.

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Team Närpiö

Helsinki Mills’ domestic cereals are made in Närpiö under the supervision of factory manager Leila Viitanen (foreground). Four of the cereals have been awarded the Heart Symbol. The cereals are also made by Tiina, Marilla, Sofia, Lars and Lars-Erik. There is a great can-do attitude in a small team.

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Ville Mäki, Vaasa

Early in his career, operating a forklift was also familiar to Ville Mäki, Production Manager, who is responsible for production at the Vaasa, Närpiö and Järvenpää factories. His favourite product is the one made in Vaasa Helsinki Mills Organic Big Oat Flakes.

Jussi Rintala

Jussi Rintala, Vaasa

Production manager Jussi plans what product will be made, packed and who will work on which machine on which day. When you have time to sit down for a break, you can taste your favourite product Helsinki Mills Organic Fruity Muesli.

Riina Karimaa

Riina Karimaa, Järvenpää

Product developer Riina's latest product, for example, has received a lot of praise and thanks Myllärin Gluten Free Oatbun flour. One of her own favourite products is Helsinki Mills Gluten Free Oat Porridge Apple-Cinnamon.

Gavin Fennessy

Gavin Fennessy, Vaasa

Originally from Ireland, Gavin moved to Finland from Melbourne, Australia, and is now enjoying his time in Vaasa after the hustle and bustle of the big city. Gavin, who works in a packing house, has a favourite product Helsinki Mills Paradise Muesli. It's an easy snack to grab while looking after the little twin boys.

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Satu Bergendahl, Vaasa

Satu, who works in the Vaasa laboratory, analyses the product samples she takes every day with a wealth of experience. She has worked for 18 years in quality control at Helsinki Mills. Satu's favourite product is Helsinki Mills Organic Rye Flakes.

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Together with our partners

We listen carefully to our customers' wishes so that we can develop and improve our services and products even further. Many products are the result of ideas and requests from our partners. We also use feedback from both customers and consumers during the product development phase. Without the retail and wholesale sector, our products would not find their way into homes and professional kitchens, so we want to be a reliable and good partner.

Locally grown, Finnish cereal is our basic raw material. Smooth and open cooperation with farmers is a cornerstone of our operations. The vast majority of our grain comes from our contract farmers.

In all our activities, we are committed to abiding all the applicable laws and regulations and international human rights conventions.