New Finnish oat products for your table

Helsinki Mills has developed rich and versatile alternatives to cook with. Helsinki Mills Gluten free Oat Groats and Helsinki Mills Long Grain Oat Groats are now in stores!

Oats are becoming increasingly popular in Finland and around the world. Oats are a versatile, ecological and healthy choice for the home cook. Helsinki Mills’ new products are versatile kitchen staples that can be used in familiar recipes instead of rice, quinoa, pasta or potatoes.


Helsinki Mills Gluten Free Oat Groats is a rich and homegrown addition to salads, roasts, casseroles and porridges. It takes about 20 minutes to cook.

Gluten free oats are also suitable for people with coeliac disease. Helsinki Mills gluten free oat products are made carbon-neutrally from Finnish gluten free pure oats, which come from our own contract farmers committed to gluten free production.

Helsinki Mills Long Grain Oat Groats is a tasty, versatile and easy ingredient that you can use as a side dish, in casserole dishes or as a filling, just like rice, pasta or potatoes. It remains loose and solid when cooked. A fibre-rich supplement is good on its own or as part of a recipe. Cooking time is only 12 minutes.

Broileri kasvis kaura vuoka


Try Helsinki Mills’ new oat products with chicken, vegetables, fish, or meat. Cook Colourful chicken and oatmeal casserole from Helsinki Mills Long Grain Oat Groats or make Mediterranean minced meat and oats casserole using Helsinki Mills Gluten free Oat Groats.

Reduce waste easily and make an oat bowl from leftover sauce: cook the oats, heat up the previous day's sauce and add the vegetables. Or, if you have leftover oats, fry them with the toppings of your choice. One product, many uses!

On our website, we have put together easy everyday recipes where rice, potatoes or pasta have been substituted with oats. They can help you increase the use of healthy, Finnish oats in your home kitchen.


Helsinki Mills’ cereal products are produced in Helsinki Mills’ factories in Vaasa, Järvenpää and Närpiö using 100% renewable energy with respect for nature.

Grown in Finnish fields, Helsinki Mills Long Grain Oat Groats and Helsinki Mills Gluten free Oat Groats are similar to rice in taste, but healthier and above all more environmentally friendly: the carbon footprint of oats is up to 70% smaller than that of rice!

Domestic oats are becoming increasingly popular - be part of the trend!


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