Rebranding: The next decades in Helsinki Mills’ tale

Why is Helsinki Mills rebranding in 2024? A lot has happened in 90 years. In the last 10 years in particular, our business has developed significantly. Our story is great, but we want to continue to sow seeds of good ahead of others," says Mia Kettunen, Marketing Manager at Helsinki Mills.

- Since 2013, we have invested heavily in production and expanded our product range, including through acquisitions. We started manufacturing gluten free oat products, launched a consumer brand for export markets and brought oat ingredients to the tables of Finnish consumers. Immediately after the carbon-neutral mill, the sustainable farming programme and, most recently, oats from a single farm have followed," says Mia Kettunen, listing the milestones.

As the Finnish family-owned company turns 90, Helsinki Mills does not want to dwell on the past. "We are not content to just look in the rear-view mirror. We want to challenge the status quo and discover the power of simple things. See how the next 90 years will tell the story of Finnish and international consumers.

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Mia Kettunen says that the story and its main characters play a crucial role in the new Helsinki Mills brand.

- We are exploring happiness. Instead of cold facts, graphs and demographics, we aim to find the heart of happiness. We were looking for an answer to the question of what makes people happy. What sort of person is happy. How people can recognise themselves in our story.

The basis of happiness was found in the Finns, Akseli and Elina. Their daily lives are active, at times busy, and full of surprises. They are looking to create balanced and good everyday lives amidst the hectic pace of modern life. Family, friends and social relationships are important to Aksel and Elina. They are also interested in expanding and enriching their horizons by experiencing new phenomena, cultures and meeting new people. They think about their consumption habits through the nature they value. The goal is happiness here and now.

Aksel and Elina's relationship with food is diverse and complex. They value simplicity and clear everyday solutions. On the other hand, people want to invest in food and enjoy it. The attitude is tolerant. Sometimes you feast, sometimes you fast. Sometimes you indulge, sometimes you skimp. Sometimes it's about preserving tradition, sometimes it's about diving into new food cultures.

The global situation has also changed their attitude towards domestic food production. Akseli and Elina are part of the team that thinks about the responsibility of food and its impact on the environment, people and animals. The origin, production and consumption of food are important to them. Avoiding waste is a given. They are ready to make changes when they feel the solution is right. On the other hand, they seek balance rather than extremes. The authenticity and quality of food are values that Akseli and Elina are willing to pay for.


The well-known Myllärin name will be retained, but our logo will have new visuals and content based on the story.

- We want to attract attention, stand out from the competition and create an emotional bond with consumers - both domestically and when exporting. Finnishness and internationality go well together in the same story, as they do in the lives of Akseli and Elina.

In addition to the logo, the customer promise is new: For us, the recipe for happiness is simple. It's not gloss, glitter, nor photo manipulation. Sometimes we are ploughing mountainsides, sometimes the evening sun gilds the edge of the field with a golden frame.

- We want to be honest with ourselves and do things we believe in. We want to find new angles, to make bold statements. But to be happy, you have to take practical steps: small and big choices that will make tomorrow a little better than yesterday. We not only want to set an example, but also challenge others to do good deeds," says Mia Kettunen.

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