Report wrongdoings you have discovered anonymously

If you notice any wrongdoing or improper behaviour in Helsinki Mills’ operations, we hope you will report it to us. We want to find out what is going on and what can be done about it.

Whistleblowing Live is a confidential and anonymous channel through which you can anonymously report suspected misconduct, wrongdoing or illegal activities related to Helsinki Mills. These may include bullying, harassment, fraud, bribery, or factors that contribute to a lack of security. Suspicions of wrongdoing are taken seriously, and it is therefore desirable to raise them to avoid major problems.

The Whistleblower Act, based on the EU Whistleblower Directive, entered into force in 2023. The law requires that people who report wrongdoing must receive appropriate protection.

The reports are made anonymously, and no information is stored about the whistleblower that would allow the person who sent the report to be identified. Reports are individualised by an ID automatically generated by the channel, allowing anonymous communication between the whistleblower and the organisation. Confidentiality and anonymity also apply when the reporter themself reveals their identity.

Whistleblowing Live, an anonymous whistleblowing platform, is produced by our partner Tutkimustalo Servitium. It handles reports made through the channel in a confidential manner and reports them to designated persons within our company. At Helsinki Mills, reports are handled by the Human Resources Manager and the Communications Manager.

Leave a message on the Helsinki Mills’ Whistleblowing Live channel

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