Our shared responsibility towards the environment and the people

Domestic, sustainably produced, plant-based food is in the best interests of both us Finns and our environment. We believe that sharing knowledge, generating interest and working together will produce the best results.


  • Together with our contract farmers, we launched sustainable farming programme, which aims to produce a good harvest with less environmental impact.
  • As Finland's largest organic grain processor, we are involved in the Organic is part of the solution campaign organized by The Finnish Organic Food Association Pro Luomu. The campaign provides information about organic farming and raises awareness of the EU organic logo and why organic is a reliable, responsible and sustainable choice.
  • Farmer’s year -campaign raises consumer awareness about where the oats on your breakfast plate come from and the effort it takes to grow them.

  • We manufacture products for the K-Group 'Thank the Producer' campaign to support Finnish agriculture.

  • We are proud that our products carry the Hyvää Suomesta/Produce of Finland label or Key Flag Symbol. We are involved in campaigns such as #valitsehyvääsuomesta and #oleosahyvänketjua to campaign for Finnish food.

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  • We are involved in three Business villages, where sixth graders learn about society and business. The Helsinki-Vantaa, Lappeenranta and Kuopio Enterprise Skyline also includes Helsinki Mills, where schoolchildren can try their hand at running a food business as a senior manager and sales manager. The mill has been built in collaboration with MTK.
  • We distribute 'starter pack' product bags to new students moving into their first home in cooperation with the Student Housing Foundations of Helsinki Region, Vaasa and Tampere. 
  • We have donated flakes for students’ breakfasts when schools tested the impact of breakfast porridge on students’ coping at school.
  • Students and school groups visit us to see how the mill works.


We work with organisations that distribute food aid to the needy. We are happy to donate our products for this purpose.

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